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Signifer is a boutique management consultancy that guides organizations on creating value by enhancing their business operations and management practices. Founded in 2001, we have worked with leading global and local companies to drive their operational performance in times of high volatility, rapid innovation and decreasing return rates.


Our experience shows that truly effective solutions can only be developed from an inside perspective. We work closely with our clients – at all organizational levels – to analyze challenges, develop customized solutions and implement them together across the organization. The internal processes and capabilities built during the consulting process ensure that our clients maintain and improve their performance long after we our work is done.


Our associates served as senior managers in diverse organizations and industries before joining Signifer. Their wealth of skills and insights empowers us to develop pragmatic solutions that address real business challenges. We also assess our own performance and take pride in the fact that most of our projects exceed the targets defined with our clients.


Over the past decade we have served well-known companies in the high tech, clean tech, finance, construction and fast moving consumer goods industries and helped them build a competitive advantage or maintain their market leader status.

Alon Sagie, Director, Service Operations, Applied Materials

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