Building Project and Innovation Management

Signifer worked with a software giant to improve its project, release and innovation management processes, leading to increased productivity, product quality and uncompromised industry leadership.



World-leading software developer



Following years of expansion, the company was keen to find more effective ways to manage its comprehensive development activities while remaining the industry leader.



Based on a detailed analysis of past failures and future challenges in product development, Signifer formulated a customized project management concept for the company. This included defining core processes and introducing a limited number of management concepts and terms so that all managers involved in new product development shared a common language.


In the second phase, Signifer worked intensely with a team of project and release managers, strengthening their project management capabilities and helping them to implement the concepts in their unique environment.


After the project management structures were in place and yielded the intended results, Signifer continued working with the organization to adjust and refine its requirement and innovation management processes.



Working with Signifer, the organization achieved double digit improvement in productivity for its development and product divisions. Since the new project management infrastructure is in place, the impressive execution outcomes are also reflected by all major product releases being delivered on time, meeting the quality requirements and original scope.


Oded Gonda, Vice President, Network Security Products, CheckPoint.

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