Improvement of NPI Process

Reforming PNP and NPI processes, Signifer helped the client to significantly reduce its time to market, increase productivity and improve its profit margins.



Systems developer and manufacturer in the capital equipment sector



A world leader in its field, the organization boasted impressive research, development and production departments. At the same time, transitioning new products from development to production frequently caused costly glitches. Signifer was approached to reduce unpredictability and improve overall NPI.



Following an in-depth analysis, Signifer pinpointed changes in the Product Development Process (PDP) as key to achieving better mass production outcomes.

Signifer’s first stage tailored a set of best practices to guide the PDP of this unique, complex organization. The team also evaluated the organization’s numerous current guidelines and isolated critical directives from those with little relevance and which mainly created bureaucratic overhead.
Intense mentoring trained managers to apply and embed the new methodologies in their units and teams.

Taking into account the organization’s highly complex NPI, Signifer introduced a Design Of Experiments (DOE) process to better understand and anticipate the effects of changes in the design phase on the final product.



Ample experience with change management and in-depth familiarity with development and operation processes enabled Signifer to initiate processes that brought the desired results, despite the organization’s complexity.

The systematic PDP changes improved the entire NPI process, immediately manifesting in drastically reduced complications when new products reached production stage. Overall, conflicts between R&D and operations decreased.


The enhanced NPI also resulted in tangible increases in productivity and faster introduction of new products into the market, generating millions of dollars from increased margins.


Oded Gonda, Vice President, Network Security Products, CheckPoint.

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