Optimization of Service Organization

Signifer worked with a globally deployed hi-tech company to strengthen its service organization, achieving a throughput increase by over 30% within two quarters.



Leading developer of telecommunication systems



With a large and continuously growing install base in diverse geographies, the client sought a solution to increase the throughput of its Global Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Simultaneous with SLAs in the telecommunication sector becoming ever more stringent, support quality had to remain uncompromised.


The project target was a 20% increase of throughput, measured by the tickets handled by the existing headcount within a given timeframe, while shortening response time and maintained support quality.



To start with, Signifer examined the work processes at the TAC and compared them to best practices successfully implemented in the past with customers of similar size.

The second stage included a comprehensive analysis of the client’s CRM data bases to gain a better understanding of the service organization on both the operational and commercial levels.


Based on this insight, Signifer proposed adjustments to the work processes and knowledge structures as well as some minor adaptations to CRM structures. Once these changes were implemented, Signifer supported the various service teams creating visibility for the improved service both with clients and with interfacing business units.



Within just six months, the TAC reached a spectacular increase of its efficiency by over 30%. In addition, the time required to solve each case could be reduced by 6%. Customer surveys that were conducted before and after the process showed augmented satisfaction with support quality.


At the business level, Signifer’s analysis surfaced dissonance between business priorities (e.g. strategic customers) and the TAC’s operational activities. Aligning them, the organization managed to create increased business value.


Oded Gonda, Vice President, Network Security Products, CheckPoint.

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