Mega Program Management

Signifer guided a financial institution in managing the replacement of its entire IT infrastructure. The mega project was successfully completed, providing the client with state-of-the art systems that create significant value for the organization.



Leading financial institution



A leading financial institute decided to replace its IT core and infrastructure. Confronted with the sheer size and complexity of this once-in-several-decades project, management quickly realized their lack of control over the process and their need of professional assistance to effectively direct the mega program and its many sub-projects.



Signifer designed a program management process structured around three pillars:

Methodology: Following a thorough analysis, Signifer formulated management methodologies suiting the particularities of the project and the organization. The second step introduced this set of best practices to the IT division middle management and to managers from interfacing departments, improving their abilities to efficiently implement the process.

Creation of in-house team
: a Project Management Office (PMO) was formed to allow for a professional taskforce dedicated to planning and execution of the program.

Software system: Signifer designed a customized Enterprise Project Management System (EPMS) to support the team’s execution of the mega-program.

The entire program management infrastructure took into account the organization’s procedures and regulations as well as those of the global suppliers that developed the proprietary IT solution.


Development and implementation of the new IT system was a process that took over four years and involved several stages. Signifer’s dedicated consulting team accompanied the customers through the entire period and planned the various roll-outs. At the end of the process, the team with its valuable knowledge of the new IT infrastructure was absorbed by the client and became part of its IT division.


During the course of the project, it became apparent that a new management system was needed to coordinate the software release process more efficiently. Based on their broad experience with development and execution processes, Signifer designed a customized, award-winning system that helped the organization streamline the process and minimize risks.


With Signifer’s program management infrastructure in place, the client managed to successfully develop a new IT infrastructure and replace the existing systems. During the entire process, business continuity was fully granted.


The systematic tools provided management with full control of the project status at any given moment and prevented costly surprises or critical budgetary excess.


Delivering the originally defined functionalities and features, the new IT infrastructure enabled the institute to easily create and introduce new products and offer client-centric services, allowing tangible revenue increase.


Oded Gonda, Vice President, Network Security Products, CheckPoint.

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