Execution and productivity

With continuous price erosion in today’s globalized markets, companies are constantly struggling to optimize their performance and remain competitive. In this ongoing battle, great strategies and plans must be implemented in the most efficient way – and this is where execution presents itself as one of today’s biggest management challenges.


Productivity is one of the main issues in the field of execution. Organizations with complex and expensive production chains find themselves confronted by constant pressure to generate higher throughput with the same infrastructure (“get more bang for the buck”).


We believe that organizations can’t win the battle for optimized productivity and performance in the long term unless they are very focused, disciplined and systematic. Using constraint management concepts, we help our clients identify areas for potential improvement and implement change. Our systemic approach enables our customers to achieve overall improvements in performance, reduce time-to-market, and realize better alignment between their throughput and their business goals.


We bring year-long experience with rationalizing execution processes in volatile environments, reforming IT, procurement, engineering and R&D processes. Applying our focused operations management methods, many of our clients have managed to realize two-digit improvements of their productivity.


Read how we helped our clients improve their performance.


Guy Mordoch, VP, Comverse


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