Complex service systems

For a company with a sound install base, the support and service system can present a source of steady, less volatile income. However, too many organizations do not exploit the full potential of their service systems or even struggle to provide quality of service once their products reach a certain complexity and become massively deployed at a global level.


We help organizations unlock the business potential of their service systems. Using our 3S methodology (Signifer Service Solution) we work with our clients, finding ways to provide better support quality and shorter response times. This can be achieved without augmenting the head count of the service unit at the same ratio as the install base grows.


At the end of the process, our clients set in place an advanced remote service framework and have acquired the know-how to significantly grant customer satisfaction and profitably manage it in the future, increasing profit margins by up to 30%.


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Guy Mordoch, VP, Comverse


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