Risk management

In the dynamic and volatile environment in which modern companies operate, identification and assessment of risks is a critical aspect of project, program and portfolio management.


When it comes to megaprojects and multi-project environments, organizations are confronted by substantial multi-faceted uncertainty which could possibly have drastic economic consequences.


At Signifer we aren’t afraid of challenges and risks. We encourage our clients to approach this field methodologically. Together we develop methods and tailor best practices to identify, analyze, monitor and respond to risks during the different business/lifecycle phases, helping companies prevent costly surprises along the way.


With risk management being a complex and dynamic discipline, our goal is always to build the necessary capacities within the organization to ensure process perpetuation once our mandate has been concluded.


Years of experience have taught us that uncertainty doesn’t only mean risk, but also opportunity. Formulating risk management strategies equips organizations not only to react to adversities, but readies them for identifying and seizing opportunities.


Our set of best practices has been successfully applied by industry-leading companies in projects costing millions to billions of dollars. We are proud to see that with many of these companies the methodologies we introduced are still being successfully applied.


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Guy Mordoch, VP, Comverse


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