New product development and introduction

At Signifer we bring extensive experience in product development and introduction processes from inception to commercialization. Our insight and methodologies have helped companies increase their efficiency all the way from research and development to production and operations.


Our areas of expertise include:


New Product Development (NPD): We help organizations set up professional, effective and flexible processes for the development of complex products and services. Our solutions are built on a thorough understanding of the balance between market aspects and Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM).


New Product Introduction (NPI): Together with the client we define processes and best practices to address the challenges that arise when products have to overcome the transition from development and engineering to production, or directly from development to the market.


Innovation Process Management (IPM): With today’s abundance of products and solutions, it is simply not enough to offer a good product at a good price. In order to bring creative solutions to the market, organizations must manage their innovation processes methodologically. We provide product, marketing and R&D units with the framework and tools to best exploit their innovative potential and market opportunities.


Our methodologies and concepts have been successfully implemented by world leading companies and have enabled them to stay innovative, build or maintain their competitive edge and improve their performance and profitability through faster time to market, reduced costs for R&D, production, and operations.


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Guy Mordoch, VP, Comverse


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