Project Management

Contemporary market trends drive most companies’ challenges to center around projects and programs. With increasing size and complexity, their management poses a series of challenges that are far beyond adhering to deadlines.


Compliance with business rationale, quality criteria, time-to-market intervals, allocation of internal resources, budget planning and risk management are issues that must be properly addressed to ensure a successful outcome.


Over the past decade we have guided a large number of organizations through the planning and implementation of mega projects and giga-programs with the potential to compromise the company’s foundation. Using our Focused Project Management methodology we have helped our clients set up structured processes yielding desired results.


Our experience shows that focused project management is key to improving operational performance, characterized by better due date performance, faster time-to-market, improved quality levels, reduced quantities of resources used per project - all of which result in improved bottom-line performance and overall increase of the firm’s business value.


Our mission isn’t completed once the project has been successfully accomplished. With every mandate we make sure that the knowledge and methodologies are transferred to the organization to direct the success of projects to come.


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Guy Mordoch, VP, Comverse


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