How we work

Our approach is hands-on and intense. During the course of a project, our clients see us, hear us and work with us. And after we leave, the difference is visible: measurable results and a lasting impact.

Basing our work on eclectic management principles, our consulting processes run through four stages:


o   Analysis: In this stage we study the company closely and model its particularities and challenges. To get a 360 degree insight, we interact with all levels of management. In addition, we use rigorous econometric and managerial methods to measure the company’s performance.


o   Project definition: Following our analysis we define the objectives and milestones of the project together with the client. The targets we fix always involve aspects that can be measured, so we define the indicators to evaluate project results.


o   Implementation phases: During this stage our taskforce works closely with the client, in many cases on a daily in-house basis to produce viable, sustainable solutions that take into consideration the organization’s unique DNA.


o   Evaluation: The completion of a project is not defined just by its due date, but by objectives achieved. At that point, we measure results according to the indicators we defined at the outset. And we are proud to say that for the majority of projects, results exceed the initially defined targets.


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Alon Sagie, Director of Applied Materials



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