Social responsibility

It is our firm conviction that sustainability will change and shape our environment and the economic reality in the decades to come.


Understanding this has led us to create an office infrastructure that is as sustainable and environment-friendly an office infrastructure as possible. Solar panels and heat pumps cover a substantial part of our energy consumption, which we try to keep low through the use of electricity saving appliances.


Our offices are located in the Hefer Valley. The area claims one of Israel’s most advanced recycling infrastructures which we actively use.


We offer our employees a flexible work model that allows them to telecommute, minimizing travel and carbon footprint.


In addition, we give preference to suppliers and businesses from the local community wherever possible.


Social involvement and volunteering are part of our values. Among other activities, Managing Director Shy Rahav is an active volunteer and member of the board at Beterem – Save Kids Israel.

Amos Marom, VP and GM, Systems & Recording GBU, Nice



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