Our Difference

Our credo is simple: consulting must lead to clear improvement in ongoing client performance.


Our approach sets us apart from other top-tier management consultancies and brings our clients unique added value by encompassing several differentiators:


o  Focus on long-term value growth
Whether we are advising a particular division or examining a specific process – the objective of our work is always to create and increase the value of the entire organization. With executives facing constant acceleration in pace of innovation and change, we help them steer their companies towards long term perspectives.


o  Full knowledge transfer

The aim of each of our projects is long term performance improvement. That’s why we put so much emphasis on knowledge transfer. Our mandate is only complete when our clients have acquired the capabilities, tools and know-how to uphold performance over time.


o  Solutions that fit your organization
One size doesn’t fit all. We don’t dispense standard advice from an external point of view, but cooperate with our clients to find solutions that match the particularities of their organization by creating project-specific task forces that work with our clients on an in-house base.


o  Willingness to drive transformation
In most organizations, a myriad of internal factors obstruct change. We don’t mind asking tough questions and challenging current paradigms, but see our primary role as motivating change. Our goal-oriented change management methodology ensures that transformations succeed and bring the desired results.


Raising the bar
A company that wants to excel must exceed standard performance. We challenge our clients to go beyond industry standards and develop their own ways to achieve exceptional performance and profitability.


o  Results based business model

Commitment to results is more than an empty phrase for us. With each client we define measurable targets that must be achieved. After more than a decade of driving our clients’ performance and profitability, we are willing to tie our compensation to bottom line increases.

Oded Gonda, Vice President, Network Security Products, CheckPoint.

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